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An ideal gym for anyone dedicated to improving there fitness regardless of their current state. The gym boasts a wide range of high quality equipment that can be used to develop the strength, endurance, explosive power and general fitness required on the pitch, court or in the ring, and if (like me) your unsure or short of ways to make the most of the equipment, the fun yet challenging classes (levels are always made adjustable, with the trainer keeping a close eye on individuals to ensure each one is being pushed to the limit) will show you how to put the equipment to good use in a variety of ways. If there are no classes on at the moment, the friendly staff seem happy to help.

I enjoy using this gym due to its total commitment to training; unlike many gyms that wouldn’t allow me to use weights properly (we’ve all been told to ‘not slam the weights’, how does that work when trying to get a good workout?) here the gyms equipment, from the bumper plates, to the safety mats, gymnastic rings ,kettle bells and sprint track are all solid, quality pieces of equipment, and I can slam throughout my entire session without seeing the staff so much as flinch.
The entire facility is kept in immaculate condition, and the staff are a pleasure to be around.