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I have been a member of Rig Fitness Gym a week after it opened its doors, in my opinion Rigs is the next generation of gyms. I have been consistently training in the large commercial gyms for the past 11 years with all the typical equipment you would expect.

Since switching over to Rigs my training has taken on a whole new level, with the sprint track, weighted vest and JCB tyre you will ache in places you never thought existed. I have observed professional athletes training using similar equipment and now understand why for the last 10 years they have moved away from the traditional commercial type gyms and equipment. The gains and progress you make far surpass the out dated ‘50 minutes on a treadmill’ type of training.

Rigs caters for elite training but provides a real community feel, no egos just good honest training in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. The service and advice I have received has been excellent and the team are always on hand to encourage or answer any questions I might have.