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Susie C
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My name is Susie, I’m 28 and I joined Rigs in August. I have recently left Virgin Active where I was a member for over 10 years. The reason being is I have seen noticeable improvements in my fitness rapidly over the last two months using the classes and advice from the instructors and I’m still finding that Rigs has more to offer.
All of the classes I have been to offer total body workouts and I leave knowing I have worked really hard – earning a good meal! I can feel I am working all the muscles in my legs, bum, back, arms and stomach. The ladies classes are a great, tough workout and if you prefer ladies only its a good place to start, my favourite class is Box Fit on a Monday lunchtime, but all the other classes are great to join in with too. I am getting a lot more out of Rigs than I have at other gyms before and this makes me want to go more which will only improve my fitness levels and lifestyle.
I always felt I had a weak core and now I am starting to see a real improvement in my core strength which is helping with everything from better posture to a better running form.

Whether you’re looking for improved fitness, increased strength or to lose weight and tone up this gym offers it all and you’ll see quicker results than anywhere else if you’re prepared to put the hard work in. With great advice from Sam all the time you can tailor your own gym sessions to get what you need out of them, I am using it to get better endurance at running at the moment and I am starting to see the results.

Thanks to all the team at Rigs, I am so pleased I joined!