Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Rob Stevens

Before I did the Athlete Development Programme with Josh I was very intermittent with my strength and conditioning training. I’d never really follow a plan and just do random exercises with no structure. I had a rough idea of what to do but was never truly confident it was going to get me the best results. I had questions like: how much weight? How many times per week? How much rest? What kind of reps?

What Josh did for me was put together a structured, periodised plan that allowed me to just focus on turning up to the gym and working hard. He helped me manage my training week and schedule. The biggest benefit for me was taking all the guesswork and the stress out from not knowing whether I was doing the right thing in the gym for my sport.

If you’re an athlete and you want to get to the top of your sport, smash PBs and just get stronger, fitter and more resilient then I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Josh to see how he can help.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Hayley Saunders

Little did I know that running a marathon was more than just lots of running…

I’m a non-runner so getting a place in the London marathon was a daunting prospect but, equally, an exciting challenge. I started with an injury so I knew I had an uphill battle ahead of me. Josh Bridgeman at Rigs Fitness put together a bespoke training plan over a 16 week period that enabled me to gain the strength and build up the endurance that I needed to not only complete the marathon but also complete it without injury. I’m pleased to say I did it and I’m pretty proud of this picture!

Thanks for all the help, support and encouragement. It was a team effort!


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Charlotte Rigg

After a year of basic land training at my home swimming club, this season I wanted to try something different outside the pool which would be a new experience and help improve my overall strength and movement.

I was recommended by my physio (Rickie Lovell) to head over to Rigs Fitness and their Athlete Development Programme. Over the past 7 months I’ve really enjoyed the variety of exercises in the 121 sessions with Josh and testing myself outside the pool. They have been challenging but also enjoyable and rewarding.

I feel so much stronger which has resulted in improved performances and personal bests in my key events. This has boosted my confidence ahead of the main racing season and I’m looking forward to continuing the hard work with Josh in order to achieve my season goals.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Sean McDermotts GF

Looking to take our performances on the pitch to the next level, we sought out expert strength and conditioning support. At the start of the season, having completed squad testing, we spent a considerable amount of time going through the technical aspects of the lifts meaning that the lads could follow the S&C programme during the season in their own time.

Josh prescribed on-pitch conditioning sessions which we completed during our weekly squad training sessions, ensuring that even those players who were unable to attend the sessions at Rigs or did not have time to go to the gym were still able to benefit from the S&C programme.

Our improved fitness was evident in our dramatic comeback win in the Warwickshire Championship Final as we managed to overturn a 6 point deficit with only minutes left on the clock. We’re looking forward to the continued S&C support for the 2019 season.

Niall Gilbride

Sean McDermotts Captain


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Bailey Saunders

At the age of 13 I was looking to take my rugby to the next level with the goal of one day playing for England. I knew that strength and conditioning from an early age was going to be important in my development as a rugby player and so the Athlete Development Programme at Rigs fitted my needs perfectly.

Josh always made my 121 sessions fun and challenging and was always happy to help answer any questions I had regarding physical preparation as I became more aware of the different components that influenced my performance in matches: not just training but also recovery.

During my time on the ADP I went from strength to strength as a rugby player and achieved all the goals I set out to when I started:

– Represented Greater Birmingham during the 2017/18 season
– Accepted a place at Hartpury College to start in September 2019
– Represented North Midlands during the 2018/19 season
– Member of the Worcester Warriors Academy during the 2018/19 season.

What Bailey’s Dad said…

When Bailey came to me saying that he had found a place that would allow him to do strength and conditioning I was, as most parents would be, initially wary. However, once I visited Rigs for the initial consultation and saw the facilities available and the individualised plan that was going to be put in place for Bailey I was won over.

Bailey looked forward to his weekly sessions with Josh and it is fair to say that he would not be where he is now as a rugby player if he hadn’t joined the ADP when he did. To any other parents who might be sceptical about their child undertaking strength and conditioning, I could not recommend Josh and the Rigs ADP highly enough.

Steve Bailey


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Claire Rylance

I can’t recommend the Rigs ADP highly enough having recently completed a training block ahead of my England Touch Rugby trials. I went to Josh wanting to improve on my September squad fitness testing, particularly with regards to power and speed, and the results speak for themselves!

It wasn’t just the testing results that were important to me though. Having had a number of injury niggles all down one side, and not being as youthful as I once was, developing stability and robustness was also key. The movement screen ahead of the training block allowed identification of key areas needing attention and allowed for an individualised programme which was also adjusted as required during the training period.

This resulted not only in improved results on paper but an injury free training period when other programmes have only proved to increase injury niggles.

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Claire Rylance


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Keith Barker

In order to be in the best shape I could be ahead of the new season I hired Josh over the winter period to do some extra strength and conditioning sessions before moving to my new club, Hampshire CCC.

Josh always accommodated my club-prescribed training sessions to ensure my training load was being managed appropriately, whilst managing to keep our sessions specific to my goals.

I would highly recommend Josh and the Rigs Athlete Development Programme to any other professional athletes looking to put in extra training sessions to optimise their physical condition.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Sam Smith

When I decided that I was going to return to the ring for my final fight there was only one place that I was going to go to for my strength and conditioning – Rigs’ very own Athlete Development Programme.

What impressed me most about Josh’s approach to my S&C training was how holistic it was, factoring in technical training and liaising with my technical coach so as to best structure all aspects of my training. This is different to many training camps where coaches try to run you into the ground every session.

Leading up to fight night, Josh’s recommendations on how best to taper training in order to peak performance on the night proved invaluable as I came in feeling fitter, stronger and more powerful than ever before.

During the fight, my strength and conditioning training proved invaluable as my opponent could not handle the power of my punches. I ended the fight by stopping him in the second round.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Louis Evans

I started on the ADP as I was training Muay Thai and got offered a fight. It was something I really wanted to do I had to be all in. I knew there was more than just going to the gym to train Muay Thai that was needed to compete but I didn’t really know where to start or even what sort of training would help with my sport specifically.

Josh has been a massive help in getting me ready for fights and making me feel confident I’m in the best shape I can be in for competition. Any issues I’ve had, he’s very easy to contact and very willing to go out of his way to help me.

Everything in my programming is geared towards improving my Muay Thai performance, meaning that no exercises are just thrown in for the sake of it – they all benefit my sport in one way or another.

Having the 1-2-1 sessions really helped me work towards my goals as we could discuss the training I do out of the gym and it could be seen first-hand by Josh where my weaknesses were and areas that needed correcting or improving.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Anya Bates

In my weekly sessions with Josh at Rigs I worked on gaining more strength and power which would translate into both of my events, the Long Jump and 100m Hurdles. From the outset, we identified key areas that I could improve on which would transfer into improved performances on the track.

We also made sure I became a more robust athlete and could tolerate the amount of competitions I would have throughout the season as in previous years my performances at the end of the season were not as good as at the start.

I developed a good relationship with Josh which enabled me to gain the advice of another coach alongside my athletics coach. The warm up that I do now before training sessions and races is completely individualised, targeting my own specific areas of tightness and underactive muscles. This has only been made possible since I completed the Movement Screen and Performance Testing with Josh when I joined the ADP.

Using the Jump Mat that the ADP has, Josh is able to provide me with instant feedback on all my jump data in the gym, such as jump height and ground contact time, which is of particular importance to me given the high level of transfer this has to my events and something I had not been able to obtain before starting on the ADP.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Will Crane

Throughout the ADP programme with Chris he helped improve my flexibility, strength, speed and power in a way that related to playing Rugby. It proved very beneficial as I saw great improvements in my athletic ability and got rid of a few underlying weaknesses I had with extra work on my flexibility and mobility.

I occasionally suffered with lower back pain during exercise, but after a few short assessments and corrective exercises to improve my glute control and capacity, I was able to run more efficiently and pain free.

Over the 12 week period Chris kept the training fun and adapted it brilliantly to injuries and any tournaments I was taking part in. I would recommend the ADP programme to any young aspiring sports men or women as I feel it really gave me a step up before starting my season.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Abby Humphreys

In my weekly sessions with Chris at Rigs I worked on generating more power which would translate into my swim races. Before attending my sessions I was very weak and unable to utilise my start as an advantage in races.

The work I did at Rigs helped me to become stronger and greatly improved my reaction time from the blocks. My underwater phases also became a much stronger element of my races as the power I had worked on in the gym translated to the pool. At the annual national championships many coaches commented on my improved physique and athletic profile, which was evident in my race performance.

I developed a good relationship with the Rigs Team, particularly Chris, which allowed me to gain advice and the perspective of an additional trainer other than my various swim coaches. Chris had expertise in areas that were unavailable in my swim programme. My confidence also improved dramatically in terms of self esteem and race preparation/recovery.

What Abby’s Mum said…

Abby really enjoyed her weekly sessions with Chris at Rigs and learnt a great deal about how to improve her S&C. Her self belief, confidence and ability to prepare for races more effectively when at swim meets away from home definitely improved as a result. Chris always made her work hard, gave her lots of feedback, and tried to make sessions fun. He formed an excellent relationship with her and was excellent at communicating with both me and her coach.

Chris always made sure he kept in touch and promoted Abby via social media when she was away at one of the major swimming championships, giving her encouragement and motivation. He was also very good at helping and listening when times were tough! As a parent, I’d be happy to recommend Chris to any other swimmers who want to add S&C to their training programme.

Janet Humphreys


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Harry Bowler

Throughout the course of the ADP, Chris helped improve my flexibility, speed and power in a way that related to the golf swing. It proved very beneficial as I saw improvements in my fitness which transferred to my golf, where I was able to improve to a level standard recognised good enough for the university team. Over the 12 week period Chris maintained the enjoyable and engaging programme both within and outside of Rigs.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Martin Ebbage

In the gym we worked on some of the more technical aspects of lifts that were invaluable to hockey players, before progressing them into more explosive lifts. It was at this point that I really noticed a difference on the pitch. The sessions were very challenging and pitched at exactly the right level for an elite group of athletes, who in my opinion really benefitted from the expertise and support offered. I would like to think that the results on the pitch would certainly back up my previous statement.

Alongside this, Chris dedicated a lot of the time in the gym to rehabilitation work in order to keep the squad fighting fit throughout the season. I also witnessed first hand the detail and effort that he would go to if and when an injury arose; personalised rehab sessions and injury specific exercises were given in order to speed up recovery.

Chris would run on-pitch speed and agility sessions each week, and lead game day warm-ups to aid the squad’s flexibility and injury prevention. He was present at games wherever possible to continue to develop his professional relationship with the squad.

Martin Ebbage

Player – Cannock HC 1st Team 2012-2016, England A Team


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham University of Birmingham Medics Rugby

Having used Rigs previously, I was aware of the great facility, and thought it was the perfect environment for a team fitness session. Chris was great throughout, and put us through gruelling 60-minute team conditioning sessions, splitting our big group into smaller units to create a sense of competition, which ensured everyone put 100% in.

Despite the intensive nature of the sessions, they were thoroughly enjoyed by all squad members, and the results were clear to see as we started finishing games stronger, and beating teams we had previously struggled against. If we had more time and more of a pre-season, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Rigs again, and can’t thank Chris enough for his help.

Steffan Griffin

Club President & 1st Team Player