Rigs Fitness in Moseley are taking a team of 11 down to Tough Mudder UK on Sat 4th May. Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses designed by Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, determination, and camaraderie. Registering for Tough Mudder has really given the team and incentive to train, and to train hard and we plan on doing two Tough Mudder events each year as Team Rigs.

Rigs Fitness Tough Mudder Training Schedule and Workout Plans


As mentioned above, Tough Mudder events test all aspects of both physical and mental fitness of the competitors. Unlike other popular endurance events, Tough Mudder requires the use all the energy systems by requiring competitors to run for extended periods as well as to complete high intensity obstacles, such as monkey bars, commando crawls, tyre runs, and wall climbs. The best competitors do not specialise or excel in any one area of fitness, rather they are competent in numerous areas. 

For these reasons, we at Rigs Fitness have designed a training program (shown below with workout plans) that replicates the exact fitness needed to compete and complete a Tough Mudder event. Many of the exercises need specialist equipment and instruction which is why it is always better to find a gym that specialises in Functional Fitness to complete the circuits. Luckily, Rigs Fitness has all the specialist equipment needed to do such training, and focus on the kind of fitness training needed to excel in Tough Mudder style fitness challenges. 


The Workouts (Harder exercises in brackets)

Circuit 1

2 Minutes: On Your Bike 

1 Minute: Push Ups (Explosive Push Ups)

2 Minutes: Jumping Jacks (Full Star Jumps)

1 Minute: Thrusters (Burpee Thrusters)

2 Minutes: Skipping

1 Minute: Squat Thrusts 

1 Minute Rest

Circuit 2

2 Minutes: Bastardos

1 Minute: Hang Tough (Monkey Bars)

2 Minutes: Speed Skaters

1 Minute: Crawl Outs

2 Minutes: Hurdle Jumps

1 Minute: Side Planks

1 Minute Rest

Circuit 3

2 Minutes: On Your Bike 

1 Minute: Frog Jumps (3-5ft Long Jumps)

2 Minutes: Box Jumps

1 Minute: Pull Ups (Rope Pulls)

2 Minutes: Ladder Jumps 

1 Minute: Sprinter Squats (Weighted Sprinter Squats)

1 Minute Rest


Circuit 4

2 Minutes: Staggered Ladder Runs (Tyre Runs)

1 Minute: Commando Planks

2 Minutes: On Your Bike

1 Minute: Tricep Dips (Crab Walks)

2 Minutes: Burpees

1 Minute: Lunges

1 Minute Rest


Circuit 5 (Optional)

2 Minutes: Burpees

1 Minute: Rope Pull Ups (Tug-of-war)

2 Minutes: On Your Bike

1 Minute: Sumo Squats

2 Minutes: Skipping (Double Unders)

1 Minute: Plank (Superman Plank)

1 Minute Rest


The circuits are to be completed at the highest intensity possible. Given the small rest to work ratio it can be hard to keep a high level of work rate going for this period of time, however these workouts simulate lactate threshold training very well, something that is important for Tough Mudder events as the ability to push yourself even when your tired is a much needed one.

In addition to these session which are done twice per week, Team Rigs also take part in the Rigs Fitness Functional Fitness Level 2 sessions. These are similar in some ways to the above workouts, however they lean slightly more to the metabolic conditioning training you would find in a WOD. The addition of some heavy resistance and isometric training is also added into Functional Fitness Level 2 classes, giving a great full body workout at a truly high intensity, again something that lends itself very well to Tough Mudder events. 

Finally, the team have been completing at least 2 running sessions per week, trying to simulate the undulations found in a Tough Mudder event as much as possible by running through parks and forests as opposed to on roads. We stop in the middle of runs (which usually total to around 4 miles), to do hill sprints. 3 minutes on a rolling clock, with partners running rolling hill sprints. 


The workout plans shown above, along with the specialist training already found at Rigs Fitness are proving very effective in getting the team fit and ready for Tough Mudder in May. 


If you’ve read through this and are not sure of any workouts then please just leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to explain best we can. 


We’d also love to hear from you if you’ve completed any Tough Mudder events and wish to share your info on training and the day itself.


Updates on how the team get on to follow…