are you looking to optimise your athletic potential?




  • For individuals who want to develop their athletic performance and can travel to Rigs Fitness
  • Weekly hour long 1-2-1 coach-led session
  • Bespoke strength & conditioning programme
  • Detailed athlete profile and needs analysis
  • Ongoing S&C support


  • A remote version of the the programme for those who aren’t local to rigs
  • Monthly hour long 1-2-1 coach-led sessions
  • Bespoke strength and conditioning programme
  • Detailed athlete profile and needs analysis
  • Ongoing S&C support


  • Applies the same S&C principles as the ADP to help achieve your fitness, health or aethetic goals
  • Hour long 1-2-1 coach-led sessions
  • Structured programming using progressive overload to help you achieve your goals
  • Detailed client profile and needs analysis
  • Ongoing training and nutrition advice


After a year of basic land training at my home swimming club, this season I wanted to try something different outside the pool which would be a new experience and help improve my overall strength and movement.

I was recommended by my physio to head over to Rigs Fitness and their Athlete Development Programme. Over the past 7 months I’ve really enjoyed the variety of exercises in the 121 sessions with Josh and testing myself outside the pool. They have been challenging but also enjoyable and rewarding.

I feel so much stronger which has resulted in improved performances and personal bests in my key events. This has boosted my confidence ahead of the main racing season and I’m looking forward to continuing the hard work with Josh in order to achieve my season goals

CHARLOTTE RIGG, City of Birmingham & GB U17 Swimmer

Before I did the Athlete Development Programme with Josh I was very intermittent with my strength and conditioning training. I’d never really follow a plan and just do random exercises with no structure. I had a rough idea of what to do but was never truly confident it was going to get me the best results. I had questions like: how much weight? How many times per week? How much rest? What kind of reps?

What Josh did for me was put together a structured, periodised plan that allowed me to just focus on turning up to the gym and working hard. He helped me manage my training week and schedule. The biggest benefit for me was taking all the guesswork and the stress out from not knowing whether I was doing the right thing in the gym for my sport.

If you’re an athlete and you want to get to the top of your sport, smash PBs and just get stronger, fitter and more resilient then I’d highly recommend getting in touch with Josh to see how he can help.

ROB STEVENS, Former World Champion Kickboxer

Little did I know that running a marathon was more than just lots of running…

I’m a non-runner so getting a place in the London marathon was a daunting prospect but, equally, an exciting challenge. I started with an injury so I knew I had an uphill battle ahead of me. Josh Bridgeman at Rigs Fitness put together a bespoke training plan over a 16 week period that enabled me to gain the strength and build up the endurance that I needed to not only complete the marathon but also complete it without injury. I’m pleased to say I did it and I’m pretty proud of this picture!

Thanks for all the help, support and encouragement. It was a team effort!

HAYLEY SAUNDERS, London Marathon Runner

In order to be in the best shape I could be ahead of the new season I hired Josh over the winter period to do some extra strength and conditioning sessions before moving to my new club, Hampshire CCC.

Josh always accommodated my club-prescribed training sessions to ensure my training load was being managed appropriately, whilst managing to keep our sessions specific to my goals.

I would highly recommend Josh and the Rigs Athlete Development Programme to any other professional athletes looking to put in extra training sessions to optimise their physical condition.

KEITH BARKER, Pro Cricketer (Hampshire CCC)
At the age of 13 I was looking to take my rugby to the next level with the goal of one day playing for England. I knew that strength and conditioning from an early age was going to be important in my development as a rugby player and so the Athlete Development Programme at Rigs fitted my needs perfectly.

Josh always made my 121 sessions fun and challenging and was always happy to help answer any questions I had regarding physical preparation as I became more aware of the different components that influenced my performance in matches: not just training but also recovery.

During my time on the ADP I went from strength to strength as a rugby player and achieved all the goals I set out to when I started.



In my weekly sessions with Josh at Rigs I worked on gaining more strength and power which would translate into both of my events, the Long Jump and 100m Hurdles. From the outset, we identified key areas that I could improve on which would transfer into improved performances on the track.

We also made sure I became a more robust athlete and could tolerate the amount of competitions I would have throughout the season as in previous years my performances at the end of the season were not as good as at the start.

I developed a good relationship with Josh which enabled me to gain the advice of another coach alongside my athletics coach. The warm up that I do now before training sessions and races is completely individualised, targeting my own specific areas of tightness and underactive muscles. This has only been made possible since I completed the Movement Screen and Performance Testing with Josh when I joined the ADP.

Using the Jump Mat that the ADP has, Josh is able to provide me with instant feedback on all my jump data in the gym, such as jump height and ground contact time, which is of particular importance to me given the high level of transfer this has to my events and something I had not been able to obtain before starting on the ADP.

ANYA BATES, Long Jump & Hurdler (Birchfield Harriers)