Olympic Weightlifting Solihull Birmingham

Introducing the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, now at Rigs Fitness, Solihull, Birmingham.

Olympic Lifting in Solihull Birmingham at Rigs Fitness

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Put simply, Olympic Weightlifting is the act of raising a barbell from floor to overhead. The sport is contested within two disciplines: the Snatch, which is done at slightly lighter loads, but in one single explosive movement and the Clean & Jerk, done under heavier loads, is completed in two separate movements.  Both classical lifts demand a high skill level, combining coordination, strength and power, as well as flexibility. Whilst this all may sound daunting the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting are insurmountable. For example, Lets break down both classical lifts into their component parts.

The pull or deadlift phase – many of you will have regularly deadlifted in the past or at least have heard of this popular exercise. It’s a great developer of the posterior chain – namely your hamstrings, glutes and muscles of the back. Olympic Weightlifting forces you to adopt superior positions in this movement as not doing so will result in a failed lift. Forget rounded backs and slumped shoulders, from the beginning of your journey into this wonderful sport, optimal and safe movement will go hand in hand.

The second pull/explosive phase – this is the heart of Olympic Weightlifting and is responsible for why all sports at the highest level regard the Olympic movements and their variations so highly. Real world athletic function doesn’t just require a big squat, the rate at which you can recruit muscles and apply maximal force is of much higher importance and is the reason why some pretty average looking men have hoisted three times their own bodyweight overhead, yes three times!
But what does that mean for you? A bigger vertical jump, faster reactions, explosiveness, power…..read – all the good stuff!

Weightlifting and Crossfit training in Solihull Birmingham at Rigs Fitness

Squat/recovery – the overhead squat and front squat are both innate parts of the Olympic lifts, and done just as individual exercises will develop superior strength in their own right. Done within the Olympic lifts however, you can also add the demand for timing and coordination, as well as an iron will. This leads me to one aspect of Olympic Weightlifting which is easy to overlook. Simply put, it is the great mental toughness required to pull yourself under a loaded bar. Striving to add more weight to the bar whilst maintaining textbook technique will keep you coming back for more and in short, Olympic Weightlifting will provide you with the challenge of a lifetime.

Olympic Lifting at Rigs Fitness

Why Olympic Lifting at Rigs Fitness?

Rigs Fitness has the best equipment available to undertake your Olympic Weightlifting programme: Werksan Olympic bars and coloured, low profile competition bumper plates (cheaper, wider bumper plates can make equivalent lifts easier….which can be a real problem if you ever plan to compete), premium wood and rubber olympic platforms with centre toaster racks, and finally to cap things off, a bespoke wall mounted chalk bowl!

Any great gym is made up of great members all working towards their individual goals. At Rigs the atmosphere is vibrant and positive with different disciplines such as Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, and Rugby all co-existing and appreciative of each others efforts.

To book yourself onto your free taster olympic lifting session at Rigs Fitness please email us at ask@rigsfitness.co.uk or ring us on 01212461976. Session are on Saturdays from 1-2pm.

Or, for more information on Olympic Weightlifting at Rigs Fitness please contact John Hanna on 07864 060 564 or johnhannapt@live.co.uk or visit our website at www.rigsfitness.co.uk