Olympic Weightlifting in Solihull Birmingham at Rigs Fitness

We now have 2 Olympic Weightlifting classes each week!

Tuesdays 7.30pm-9pm and Saturdays 11.30am – 1pm.

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With our brand new Olympic Weightlifting Membership you get full access to both of these classes as well as full use of our elite training facilities during normal opening hours for just £42 per month.

At Rigs we work hard to ensure that we offer the very best equipment available to undertake your Olympic Weightlifting programme. Werksan Olympic bars and coloured, low profile competition bumper plates (cheaper, wider plates can make equivalent lifts easier… which can be a real problem if you every plant to compete). Premium wood and rubber olympic lifting platforms with centre toaster racks. For your accessory lifts… we have the very best in strength training equipment: GHD (Glute Ham Developers), Hip Thrusters, Jerk Boxes and professional powerlifting facilities. And finally to cap things off, a bespoke wall mounted chalk bowl!

Any great gym is made up of great members all working towards their individual goals. At Rigs the atmosphere is vibrant and positive with different disciplines such as Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, and Rugby all co-existing and appreciative of each others efforts.

Olympic Weightlifting in Solihull, Birmingham at Rigs Fitness

Put simply Olympic Weightlifting is the act of raising a barbell from floor to overhead. The sport is contested within two disciplines: the Snatch, which is done at slightly lighter loads, but in one single explosive movement and the Clean & Jerk, done under heavier loads, is completed in two separate movements.  Both classical lifts demand a high skill level, combining coordination, strength and power, as well as flexibility. Whilst this all may sound daunting the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting are insurmountable. For example, Lets break down both classical lifts into their component parts.

To read more about the individual components of the classical lifts: The Pull, The Second Pull and The Squat Recovery – READ OUR PREVIOUS OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING ARTICLE HERE.


Our Weightlifting Coach – John Hanna

Olympic Weightlifting in Solihull Birmingham at Rigs Fitness John Hanna

All of our Olympic Weightlifting sessions are taught by English Champion and Commonwealth Weightlifter, John Hanna. John has a wealth of experience in coaching weightlifting and boasts impressive PB’s in both the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch himself. He has been involved in Olympic Weightlifting for over 5 years and has been involved in strength training for fourteen years.


For more information on John or to get in touch with him please call us on 01212461976. Alternatively visit his YouTube channel HERE




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