Usain Bolt at Rigs Fitness, Functional Fitness and Strength and Conditioning Gym in Moseley, Birmingham.

Since the opening of Rigs Fitness | Elite Performance and Functional Fitness Centre, we’ve had some awesome competitions running. One you’ll already be familiar with it the Rigs 300 Fitness Challenge, however we do have a number of smaller challenges and competitions running that members have been taking part in.

So with no further ado here are the current Rigs Leaderboards. Members are constantly trying to better their previous attempts so these are constantly changing, and don’t worry we’ll keep you updated as and when a record is broken.

Standing Box Jumps

1200mm James Ord

1200mm Jack Read

1200mm Jay Drinkwater

Barbell Turkish Get-Up

Dean Kent 40kg

Sam 35kg

Wall Squat Hold

Joe Wallace 7mins 30s

Amy Carter 7mins 01s

20kg Dumbbell Press For Reps

Guy Mac 64

Jason Pablow 57

Skipping Double Unders

Moin Qadir 154

Prowler Lengths 16m x4 (<30s with 30s Rest)

Charley Thomas 12

Sam 8

… There are still more to come and we’ll keep you updated as the records are made and broken!

For more information about Rigs Fitness, and what makes us dedicated functional fitness centre with a difference please check out our website, and take at look at some of our awesome galleries and videos.