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Riggs fitness has been a blessing for my family and I, as we have the privelige of living just a few doors away. But it is not just this. In the many years that I have trained at other fitness centres, I can say without any hesitation that Riggs offers a completely new training experience that is simplistic yet highly effective. The sheer level of equipment offered is absolutely fantastic;some of which i’ve never seen introduced elsewhere. The fitness ethos here is ‘pure raw training’ as well as getting back to the basics of using your body to the maximum. I am very fond of the ‘boxing’ area that consists of a variety of quality punchbags,training pads and medicine balls, . Oh and yes – the boxing ring ..I use it quite often to build up stamina and what a feeling ! I joined as soon as it opened and it is the best thing I have ever done. The classes are amazing with the most friendly and professional instructors you can find. Sam and his family members are the heart of this establishment and you will not find better people who acutally practice what they preach and are highly dedicated. My wife really enjoys the classes and my son, who has been struggling with his weight for a very long time has miraculously lost so much that I am so grateful. The fitness centre is aesthetically pleasing to the eye yet very capable of acheiving its objectives. Keep up the good work. YOU ARE THE BEST.