Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham

Strength and Conditioning Birmingham


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Will Crane

Throughout the ADP programme with Chris he helped improve my flexibility, strength, speed and power in a way that related to playing Rugby. It proved very beneficial as I saw great improvements in my athletic ability and got rid of a few underlying weaknesses I had with extra work on my flexibility and mobility.

I occasionally suffered with lower back pain during exercise, but after a few short assessments and corrective exercises to improve my glute control and capacity, I was able to run more efficiently and pain free.

Over the 12 week period Chris kept the training fun and adapted it brilliantly to injuries and any tournaments I was taking part in. I would recommend the ADP programme to any young aspiring sports men or women as I feel it really gave me a step up before starting my season.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Abby Humphreys

In my weekly sessions with Chris at Rigs I worked on generating more power which would translate into my swim races. Before attending my sessions I was very weak and unable to utilise my start as an advantage in races.

The work I did at Rigs helped me to become stronger and greatly improved my reaction time from the blocks. My underwater phases also became a much stronger element of my races as the power I had worked on in the gym translated to the pool. At the annual national championships many coaches commented on my improved physique and athletic profile, which was evident in my race performance.

I developed a good relationship with the Rigs Team, particularly Chris, which allowed me to gain advice and the perspective of an additional trainer other than my various swim coaches. Chris had expertise in areas that were unavailable in my swim programme. My confidence also improved dramatically in terms of self esteem and race preparation/recovery.

What Abby’s Mum said…

Abby really enjoyed her weekly sessions with Chris at Rigs and learnt a great deal about how to improve her S&C. Her self belief, confidence and ability to prepare for races more effectively when at swim meets away from home definitely improved as a result. Chris always made her work hard, gave her lots of feedback, and tried to make sessions fun. He formed an excellent relationship with her and was excellent at communicating with both me and her coach.

Chris always made sure he kept in touch and promoted Abby via social media when she was away at one of the major swimming championships, giving her encouragement and motivation. He was also very good at helping and listening when times were tough! As a parent, I’d be happy to recommend Chris to any other swimmers who want to add S&C to their training programme.

Janet Humphreys


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Harry Bowler

Throughout the course of the ADP, Chris helped improve my flexibility, speed and power in a way that related to the golf swing. It proved very beneficial as I saw improvements in my fitness which transferred to my golf, where I was able to improve to a level standard recognised good enough for the university team. Over the 12 week period Chris maintained the enjoyable and engaging programme both within and outside of Rigs.


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham Martin Ebbage

In the gym we worked on some of the more technical aspects of lifts that were invaluable to hockey players, before progressing them into more explosive lifts. It was at this point that I really noticed a difference on the pitch. The sessions were very challenging and pitched at exactly the right level for an elite group of athletes, who in my opinion really benefitted from the expertise and support offered. I would like to think that the results on the pitch would certainly back up my previous statement.

Alongside this, Chris dedicated a lot of the time in the gym to rehabilitation work in order to keep the squad fighting fit throughout the season. I also witnessed first hand the detail and effort that he would go to if and when an injury arose; personalised rehab sessions and injury specific exercises were given in order to speed up recovery.

Chris would run on-pitch speed and agility sessions each week, and lead game day warm-ups to aid the squad’s flexibility and injury prevention. He was present at games wherever possible to continue to develop his professional relationship with the squad.

Martin Ebbage

Player – Cannock HC 1st Team 2012-2016, England A Team


Strength and Conditioning Birmingham University of Birmingham Medics Rugby

Having used Rigs previously, I was aware of the great facility, and thought it was the perfect environment for a team fitness session. Chris was great throughout, and put us through gruelling 60-minute team conditioning sessions, splitting our big group into smaller units to create a sense of competition, which ensured everyone put 100% in.

Despite the intensive nature of the sessions, they were thoroughly enjoyed by all squad members, and the results were clear to see as we started finishing games stronger, and beating teams we had previously struggled against. If we had more time and more of a pre-season, I wouldn’t hesitate to use Rigs again, and can’t thank Chris enough for his help.

Steffan Griffin

Club President & 1st Team Player



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