Rigs Fitness stands out as one of a kind when it comes to purpose built, sports specific equipment. Our indoor sprint area has been designed with athletes in mind. With equipment such as prowlers, sleds, bungee chords, various harnesses, tyres, weighted vests and battle ropes being used on a 16m sprint track, there is no comparison between Rigs and other gyms when it comes to sports specific training.

We also have professional Olympic lifting facilities with 700kg of competition bumper plates and professional Worksan lifting bars. We have 3 safety squat bars and a proper trap bar deadlift, acquired from Leicester Tigers strength and conditioning room and designed specifically for elite athletes. Our lifting areas include two lifting cages and power racks with fully adjustable heights on both bar sits and steel rods. Rest assured any athlete can train here both effectively and safely.




Affiliate Membership & Coaching

We are happy to talk to any sports team about the use of our facility and there is the potential for affiliate memberships being put in place.

What may also be of interest is the coaching we can offer sports teams. Head coach Sam has worked with numerous different athletes from various different sports and has a wealth of experience in sports specific strength and conditioning.

Group Boxing

Group boxing sessions are also an excellent way for many teams to train, effective at improving both high intensity fitness and team building. Boxing is always a popular choice when looking for an alternative way to train and at Rigs we have over 16 years experience in boxing coaching and training and specialise in tailoring boxing sessions to athletes who normally train for other sports.

What We Offer

The gym space and equipment can be rented for sessions between the hours of 9-12pm Mon-Fri and 9-4pm Sunday, during which you will have private use of the gym for your team. You can utilise your own coaching or book sessions with our Head Strength and Conditioning coach.

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